Arizona Pistachio Harvest

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Arizona’s pistachio harvest is coming to a close, and Local Natural Foods was there to check out the action. Arizona had a great crop of fresh pistachios that came off the trees starting last week.

As you can see in the pictures above, ripe pistachios are covered in a colored endocarp that protects the nut. When these are ready for harvest they use a tree shaker to remove the ripe pistachios from the tree and collect them. From there the pistachios are carried by a low profile transport truck to be carried out of the orchard. The transport truck then loads the pistachios into a larger truck to be carried to the processing facility.

At the processing facility the pistachios are unloaded through the bottom of the truck. They are carried by conveyor belt up to a husker that removes the endocarp to expose the white shell that we are used to seeing. From there the pistachios are put into a water tank to separate the good pistachios (which sink) from the empty shells (that float). The empty shells are set aside, while the sinking pistachios are carried by another conveyor belt to a dryer that dries off the now wet pistachios.

Now the pistachios are packed into large containers for storage in refrigerators until they are ready to be roasted. Our Arizona Pistachios are never fumigated or stored in a siloh.

As you can see in the pictures, these pistachios are grown in the beautiful Coshise Stronghold Mountains. At about four thousand feet in elevation, these orchards have the right balance of moisture and temperature to make an ideal growing location for some of the most delicious pistachios you can find anywhere.


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