Toll Free Number

In an effort to modernize our business practices, Local Natural Foods will no longer have a toll free phone number.

We were previously available at 1.877.224.4557. This number will no longer be operational.

We will now accept all inquiries through our website at 


Our via USPS at:

Local Natural Foods

ATTN: Customer Service

3400 W Osborn Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85017


We appreciate your help moving us into the digital age.


– The Local Natural Foods Crew

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More Free Shipping

To spread some of the joy of the warm and sunny Arizona weather to all of those living in the colder parts of the country, Local Natural Foods is offering free shipping until the end of January. Let our Arizona Local Goodness Habanero Salsa take the winter chill out of your bones.

Use Coupon code “delicious” at checkout to get free shipping.

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Free Shipping

In order to celebrate the holidays we are offering free shipping on all orders over 10 until the end of the year.


Be sure to enter coupon code “holiday13” to get free shipping when you check out.


Live Local!

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Explore Arizona

At Local Natural Foods we spend a lot of time traveling around Arizona in search of those great local foods. In our travels, we get to see the more spectacular parts of Arizona. For example last week a few of us had ventured up north to see if we could locate a man who sells Arizona Pinon nuts. Unfortunately we weren’t able to locate him, but it did give us the opportunity to take the back way home through Payson, and do some hiking near Mazatzal Peak. The sunset was beautiful, and it gave us a chance to reflect on how lucky we are to have the jobs that we do.

After some discussion, we came to the conclusion that we do a fairly good job sharing our local food discoveries with our customers and friends, but we do a decidedly poor job sharing the other treasures that Arizona has to offer. Consequently we have decided to do our best to share the beautiful terrain, the rich history, and the amazing sunsets that Arizona has to offer.

In order to encourage others to go the places we go, and see the things we see in Arizona Local Natural Foods will be launching a local adventure scavenger hunt contest. The clues will take participants to some of our favorite places around Arizona, and immerse them in a bit of Arizona history. For the team that completes the journey first there will be a prize. The prize won’t be as extravagant as the treasure of the lost Dutchman mine, but we are sure we can come up with something good.

Keep your eyes open in the next few weeks for the official announcement of the contest as well as the first clue!


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We are sorry

It looks like over the weekend our payment processing software ran into some trouble, and some folks were not able to place orders for great Arizona foods. It looks like things are back up and running this morning. For all who were inconvenienced we do apologize, and for those who missed it, you are in luck. Use coupon code “sorry” for free shipping this week.



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Why Pistachios Are Red

Why Pistachios are red–   Before american farmers got in on growing pistachios, most pistachios found in the United States were imported from places like Iran and Turkey. The harvesting methods used by international farmers often left blemishes on the shell of the pistachios in turn making them less desired. Consequently the companies that importing pistachios into the US would often dye them red or green in order to cover up the blemishes and make them more appealing to american consumers.

Thanks to advances in harvesting technology as well as the growth in american pistachio farming, there is a great supply of pistachios to be found right here in the US, and specifically Arizona. And because of the methods used to harvest they have no need to add harmful dyes to the naturally beautiful nuts.

Finished raw pistachios

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Enjoying Arizona Pistachios

As the Arizona Pistachios harvest winds down we are excited to start enjoying the fruit of a years worth of work. As this year’s crop hits the shelf, we always like to think about new ways to enjoy our Arizona pistachios. Below are a few ideas.

Enjoy a Pizza Rosa at the world Famous Pizzeria Bianco in downtown Phoenix.

Pizza Rosa

Pizzeria Bianco’s Pizza Rosa


Make a homemade pesto pasta with Arizona Pistachios instead of pine nuts

Pistachio Pesto

Pesto Made with Pistachios (click image for recipe)

Go to Hanny’s in Downtown Phoenix  and enjoy a Bar Plate

Hanny's in Downtown Phoenix

Hanny’s in Downtown Phoenix


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Arizona Pistachio Harvest

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Arizona’s pistachio harvest is coming to a close, and Local Natural Foods was there to check out the action. Arizona had a great crop of fresh pistachios that came off the trees starting last week. As you can see in … Continue reading

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Arizona Apples

The end of summer is a busy time at Local Natural Foods. Pistachios, Apples, and prickly pear all come into season and the harvest begins. For the last two weeks our partners in Dragoon Arizona have been harvesting their Arizona Apples. We went down last week to check out the orchard and see how the crop looks this year…

The cold winter and wet summer this year has been good for the crop this year. The apples look beautiful. As usual these apples are all natural grown without pesticides or fertilizers, and harvested by hand. They are available at all of the Arizona Whole Foods Markets this week. It is a small orchard, so the supply is limited. Get them while you can.

Arizona Apple Orchard

Row of trees pre-harvest

Green Arizona Apples

Green Arizona Apples

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Our shopping cart software

For anyone who has attempted to use our web store in the last few weeks, we apologize.We unknowingly deleted some important code from our web server and consequently no orders have been going through.After much time with technical support, we believe that we have the site up and running. if there are any more issues, please let us know and we will work on it ASAP.

Thank you

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