Cahill Desert Products

Cahill Desert Products has been around since 1949. They make some of the finest treats that the desert southwest has ever seen. From prickly pear jelly to habanero salsa, they have truly captured the flavor of the Arizona desert with their products. Since 1949 they have been focused on making the best products they can, and not always taken the time to communicate with their customers.

However Cahill Desert Products is proud to announce their new website:

They aim to use their new website to better communicate with their loyal customers, as well as offering special promotions and news on any new products that they are going to offer.

If you support local Arizona products, take a second to check out the new Cahill Desert Products website and leave them some feedback.

Cahill Desert Products Prickly Pear Jelly

Cahill Desert Products presents Cahill prickly pear jelly

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One Response to Cahill Desert Products

  1. jessica pitner says:

    Great product, the best in Arizona. Served it at our wedding, it was a big hit with all our guests. Thanks

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