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Arizona Manzanilla Olives


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Local Natural Foods Is constantly out foraging for great local products. One of our favorite things that we came across in the field was the small estate outside of Florence Arizona that grows Arizona olives. This estate grows sevillano, baroni, manzanilla, and mission olives. These growers never use any artificial fertilizers on their trees, and they hand pick all twenty four acres of trees.

After being picked, the Manzanilla olives are sorted by size, and then washed and put into brining barrels with salt water. There is no lye used in curing these olives. From there, the barrels are moved in and out of the sun over the course of nine months until the olives have reached their peak of tenderness and flavor.

The Arizona Manzanilla Olives are medium sized, soft, redish olives with a very fresh taste.


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Dimensions 3 x 3 x 4 in

5.5oz dry wt


Florence, AZ 85132




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